Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Meta's Business Class has ended: Let's Stay Connected!

As a small business owner, I know how important it is to stay up-to-date with the ever changing trends that the business world throws at us. So, I am offering a 4-hour Business Marketing Workshop at Meta to continue our work.

You will Learn (hands on) how to set up an use free and low-cost, high return, social media sites to sell your merchandise or services; including but not limited to: Facebook, Blogger, Craigslist, Meet-Up, Yelp, Linked In, Yelp & Twitter. You will be provided with a manual.

RSVP for this workshop by selecting a date/time below and emailing:


*Bring a notebook, a business plan if you have one, and a laptop if possible*

  • Thursday, May 12th: 10-2pm
  • Friday, May 20th: 5-9pm
  • Saturday, May 21st: 10-2pm
  • Monday, 23rd: 1-5pm
  • Thursday, 26th: 10-2pm

Because I watch very little TV, and rely heavily on the internet for keeping up-to-date with the news, it’s somewhat obvious that I’d also use the ‘online medium’ to learn, consume and also produce and market my own content. Bloggers (and increasingly, podcasters, as well as video producers – and many are wearing all three hats!) have the ability to express themselves in somewhat ‘real time’, and in an evergreen way, by keeping their content fresh, and sharing their opinions with the world.
However, in the world of business blogging there’s a lot of noise. A lot of content marketers are gagging to get your attention, and with only so many minutes a day to devote to learning and consuming content (personally, I put aside around 30-45 minutes daily), you’ve got to be very strict with who’s content you make time for.
This is the reason why I’ve put this list together. This collection are the best small business blogs I know of right now. My personal favorite / go-to people in the world of small business blogging and online business building. Individually they strike a chord with me enough to keep me coming back for more, together they act as an ever-growing encyclopedia of business brilliance.
Note: These blogs are listed in no particular order of preference, or influence. 

Chris Brogan’s Blog

chris_broganChris is the only repeat awardee on this list, from last year. I’ve known this man for several years and he has continued to deliver quality, helpful, thoughtful and inspiring content to every business owner wise enough to tune into what he has to say. I’m assuming (heavily!) that you’re one of them!
Must Read: Dear Podcaster – Chris lays it down in true Brogan fashion. Letting podcasters know exactly how to approach expert guests, record with them and the importance of respecting their time. This SO needed to be said!

Smart Passive Income

pat_flynnIt’s no secret that Pat and I are very close friends. Known for being the ‘crash test dummy of online business’ he’s launched and grown several business, meaning you can learn what works and what doesn’t, directly from watching him. We recently started a new partnership together, 1-Day Business Breakthrough, too!
Must Read: And They Thought I was Stupid – In this post from early 2014 Pat reflects on his decision to starting podcasting and what it’s done for his brand – along with the 468 comments on the post itself!

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog

gary_veeIn 2010 I picked up a copy of ‘Crush It!’ by Gary and became an instant fan. Since then I’ve had to chance to have him on the podcast twice, as well as hanging out in the US a little together. Ballsy, to the point and with a BS detector like I’ve never seen before, he’s an influencer in every imaginable way.
Must Read: Cloud & Dirt: How I Do Business – This is a fantastic short film that Gary and his team produced to explain how he feels about business today and why he doesn’t focus on anything that won’t bring him closer to his goals.

Amy Porterfield’s Blog

amy_porterfieldI often refer to Amy as the ‘Queen of Social Media’. But, she has become so much more than that in recent years. Now focusing on everything from list building to product marketing, Amy is paving the way for other entrepreneurs in a crowded space that needs to hear it like it is. She’s simply awesome.
Must Read: 3 Strategies to Rapid List Building – I often say that the health and overall success of your online business is directly tied to your email list. This post (and podcast episode) is compulsory consumption for everyone!

Entrepreneur on Fire

johnlee_dumasTalk about taking the bull by the horns! John Lee Dumas hit the scene a couple years ago and hasn’t looked back. In 2014, along with his partner in crime (and life!), Kate Erickson, he turned his podcasting empire into a thriving million dollar entity – something rarely seen in the online infomarketing world.
Must Read: 2014: The Year in Review – John and Kate (some would say the ‘real’ boss at EOFire!) had a remarkable year. In this post they show you exactly how they did it, along with warts and all! Great annual review write-up.


brian_clarkCopyblogger have long been a guiding light in the very dark tunnel that is ‘content marketing’. Brian Clark and his team are still leading the way, with decisions such as cutting comments from their blog, deleting their Facebook page and reinventing content publishing by developing the New Rainmaker platform.
Must Read: Why Copyblogger is Killing its Facebook Page – With social media changing at a drastic pace, sometimes equally drastic decisions are required. Copyblogger shows you the facts behind this big decision.

Convince & Convert

jay_baerIt’s not one of the top ranked social media and content marketing websites on the internet for no reason! Jay Baer and his team consistently publish amazingly thought-provoking and inspiring entrepreneurial content. Whether it’s a blog post, podcast, or an episode of JayToday TV – subscribe now.
Must Read: Can You Build a Content Marketing Super Brand – I said thought-provoking for a reason. This’ll get ya thinking! A deep dive into Jay’s mind as he discusses the in’s and out’s of developing your own super brand.

Marie Forleo’s Blog

marie-fI do not know Marie. We’ve not met, and other than a few brief social media exchanges, we’ve never even spoken. But, boy, oh boy can this lady market the hell out of herself and everything she stands for. Want to build a personal brand? Watch what Marie does, rinse and repeat. She’s simply awesome.
Must Read: Can’t Turn Off Your Bizself? 2 Quick Steps to Flip the Switch! – In this video (she vlogs, instead of blogs) Marie discusses the importance of switching off as an entrepreneur, and gives us a couple of great tips to get started.

Duct Tape Marketing

john_jantschJohn Jantsch is an all-star, old school marketing player that has continued to deliver the marketing and sales goods over and over again. His team produce a blog that’s a mix of his experience, coupled together with the new in’s and out’s of online marketing all thrown into one.
Must Read: How to promote Every Piece of Content Your Create – I loved this birds-eye view of how John and his team cross promote their content archive. This shows you the power of on-going marketing for older content.

Michael Hyatt’s Blog

michael_hyattWhen I think of Michael Hyatt, I think of a “Leader’s Leader”. With over two decades of experience in the publishing world, he has since taken online entrepreneurship to a whole new level with his blog, podcast, products and membership communities. He’s a one-man leadership, walking talking workshop!
Must Read: Advice to First Time Authors – This is about as real as advice gets. It’s short, sharp, to the point and timeless. Michael’s take on everything from finding an agent to considering self publishing is must-read material.

Don’t Forget THIS Blog, Too!

chris ducker round_imageAlong with these awesome bloggers, podcasters, online video producers and all-round content marketing rock stars, please don’t forget to continue to tune into this blog and my podcast on a regular basis. I promise you lots of content to help you become the most productive and profitable entrepreneur possible.
source: http://www.chrisducker.com/best-small-business-blogs-2015/

Thursday, April 28, 2016

About The Meta Institute

The Meta Institute is a Center for Education, Advocacy and Transformation. As a State Licensed Adult Career School, we specialize in Therapeutic Coaching©, Reiki, N.L.P, and other modalities to help coaches and other holistic practitioners keep pace with the ever-growing and changing needs of their clients.

You are invited to attend a free information session to hear about all of the course offerings and services at Meta, April 28th, May 3rd & May 5th from 6:30-8:30 pmPlease RSVP.  Our new Reiki classes start in May. Call or email now. **New Therapeutic Coaching® Certification program starts May 13th, 2016.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Join the Reiki Certification course this weekend
Reiki One: $75.00, an 8 hour class from 10-6pm this Saturday
Reiki Two: $150, an 8 hour class from 10-6 this Sunday

See our wonderful facility and testimonials at: 

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work used to relax, replenish and heal the body. Although Reiki dates back 2500 to 3000 years, it was discovered in the 1800's by Dr. Usui, a Japanese man whose quest was to explain why physicians and other healers no longer had the power in their hands to heal people. The word "REI" means spiritual consciousness or wisdom and "KI" means lifeforce. This spiritual guided lifeforce energy that is Reiki is universal and has an intelligence of its own. Dr. Usui believed that Reiki had been accesible to all people at one time.
Reiki is used to sooth everyday life stressors that are trapped in the body. Reiki is used to nourish and restore the body. Reiki's restorative energy can be used with ourselves, our loved ones and our pets. Reiki helps the body replenish and retore its natural immune system. Reiki can be used to aid the body's natural ability to heal headaches, exhaustion, colds, sleeplessness, injuries and other forms of "dis-ease".
The Meta Institute offers Reiki Certification courses as well as individual Reiki sessions for healing.